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always said -- president george w. bush, certainly president obama, i think the wrong question to ask is who do you blame to shut down the government so i don't think most americans but this on. they are looking for solutions and what is the best way to ensure this doesn't happen again. but although the republicans are blamed, if i'm president obama and i am a democrat, i can't look at these phone numbers and claim a huge victory that will bring a majority of the house in 2014. why is that? because they share some of the blame and i think the republicans have missed a tremendous opportunity and if that they will be blamed for the shutdown, they should have said that we only shutdown in this way and the government, and they did not do that. yet i think that looking towards 2014, it is tough for me to see how the shutdown of the government translates into some kind of democrats in the house. but what americans do not like and many of them call themselves independents, they do not like overreach. many think they are reaching too far into radically and then they slap it back. that is what
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1